Enhanced Landfill Mining (ELFM) of historic (and future) landfills, a concept born during the initial development of the Closing the Circle project, is a key solution to close the material loops towards a circular materials’ economy. ELFM is defined as "the safe conditioning, excavation and integrated valorisation of (historic and/or future) landfilled waste streams as both materials and energy, using innovative transformation technologies and respecting the most stringent social and ecological criteria".

The materials and energy recuperation potential of landfills, is being valorised in the most efficient way by applying Enhanced Landfill Mining  while at the same time a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is being realized. Waste streams, for which no valorisation is possible due to technical or economical reasons, can be stored safely and separately in a "Temporary storage" untill the most efficient technology is available.

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In 2008 a consortium of people with varying expertise was established in Flanders (Belgium) in order to explore potential pathways to develop an Enhanced Landfill Mining (ELFM) approach and to integrate landfilling in a more sustainable waste management practice (Enhanced Waste Management: EWM). This Consortium consists of experts from various departments of VITO, K.U.Leuven, UHasselt, HUB, Group Machiels, LRM, OVAM and civil society actors.

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Plan C is the Flemish transition network for sustainable materials management, supported by the Flemish government and administrations. The members include private companies, consumers, government, researchers, special interest groups and sector federations. Enhanced Landfill Mining is one of the showcase projects of Plan C.
Furthermore Enhanced Landfill Mining is also one of the key focus areas of the Limburg antenna of I-Cleantech Vlaanderen. I-Cleantech Vlaanderen provides support to the cleantech sector in Flanders. ICTV targets to accelerate and simplify the development of new technologies and systems, by bringing together people and organisations.