The multimedia page offers a lot of video footage on the Closing the Circle project.

CtC project

Closing the Circle (CtC) is the Enhanced Landfill Mining project of Group Machiels envisioning the integral valorization of the municipal and industrial waste stored at the Remo landfill in Houthalen-Helchteren (Flanders), through the recuperation of materials and the energetic valorization of the combustible residue by plasma gasification technology. Eventually the entire area will be transformed during the project into as sustainable nature zone.

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The 'Locals'

The organization of the Enhanced Landfill Mining symposium also marked the start of the locals collaboration. This locals collaboration is an interactive process between the ELFM consortium and the local inhabitants of the Remo landfill. A large delegation of these locals attended the first edition of the ELFM symposium, furthermore this delegation also visit during a study trip the plasma installation of Advanced Plasma Power in Swindon.

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IWT R&D project

The Flemish IWT R&D project on the Closing the Circle project researches the challenging and innovative aspects of the Closing the Circle project such as the separation of mined waste streams, the plasma technology and the upcycling of waste streams into high added value building materials. This R&D project has a duration of 3 year, started in February 2011, is being subsidized by the Flemish IWT and has a total budget of 6 million euros.

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